Boilers are among the most dependable heating systems. When installed properly and maintained regularly, your boiler will last a lifetime, accumulating less wear and tear and making it easy to operate. However, there are situations that suggest that you need immediate repair services. Look out for the warning signs that suggest it’s time for boiler repair. For professional boiler repair in Lincoln, contact professional heating engineers. They can help you with proper boiler repair services.

Here are a few signs that suggest immediate boiler repair is necessary.

5 Warning Signs That Suggest You Need Immediate Boiler Repair Services

Rumbling and rattling sounds

If you hear a rumbling and rattling sound coming from the boiler, then there’s something wrong with it. When you hear this rumbling and rattling sound, it doesn’t mean that your boiler is going to explode. However, there are some problems inside the pump, and hence, due to overheating, the sounds are being generated from the boiler.

Sudden leaks

Are there leaks in your boiler? Pay attention to them. Get in touch with professionals and get them fixed as soon as possible. Leaks can damage boilers completely; hence, it is necessary to get the leaks fixed as soon as possible.

Odour from boiler

Are you continuously experiencing a foul smell coming out of the boiler? It can sometimes be the smell of burning plastic or metal. This is a sign that there are some problems with the circuits. Again, if you experience a smell of rotten eggs, then it is definitely a situation of gas leak. Under such a circumstance, switch off the boiler immediately and hire a professional to fix it.

High electricity bills

When the boiler is damaged, you will experience high electricity bills whenever you switch it on. Operating a damaged boiler is thus not a feasible option, as this will increase your monthly bills

Delay in heating

When you start a boiler, it takes roughly a few minutes to heat up. If the heating process is delayed, then there’s a problem with the boiler. This is especially true if the boiler is 15 years old or more. If you’re facing this problem, call a heating engineer as soon as possible and get the issue resolved.
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